Eindhoven ranks second-to-last as best student room city

Photo credit: Eindhoven media Library

Eindhoven finished second to last in the ranking of the best Student Room City of 2019, according to research by the National Student Union into the thirteen largest student cities.

The research was divided into four categories, namely the private sector, corporation sector, information provision and projects.

The private sector examined how easy it is to convert a building into student housing. This appears to be quite easy in Eindhoven. The conversion permit costs “only” 291 euros and is needed if three students or more want to live together in a house. Incidentally, a house may not be converted into a student house in every neighbourhood. That is why Eindhoven scores 9 out of 15 points in this category.

In addition to private rental, students can also go to housing associations. In this part, Eindhoven corporations were asked to complete a questionnaire in which they could give the municipality points in the area of ​​cooperation, policy and decisiveness to reduce the housing shortage and the attention they give to internationals. In addition, Eindhoven achieved 6 out of 15 points.

Information provision
Another point on which the largest student cities were assessed was the provision of information. It looked at how well the municipality guides students in their search for a room and provides landlords with information. The investigation by the National Student Union showed that Eindhoven falls short on this point. There is no specific information for student housing, but the possibility of starting a rental team is being considered. This team should help students in their search for a room. That is why Eindhoven has scored 1 out of 5 points.

Finally, the study looked at projects. This means what is being done by the municipality in the field of housing. For example, starting concepts such as The Student Hotel. Once again Eindhoven scored below average with 4 out of 10 points. The Eindhoven projects would put pressure on affordability for students.

In total Eindhoven managed to achieve 20 points. This puts the city in second to last place with Wageningen and just above Tilburg.

Source: Studio040

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