Cultural subsidies granted

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Cultuur Eindhoven (Eindhoven Cultural Foundation) received subsidy requests from 18 well-known institutions. While all of them were given positive feedback, only 16 applications were honoured. That’s due to the upper limit of €9,715 million on the funding amount.

Last year, on 6 December, this foundation set up a scheme for professional in conjunction with BrabantStad. This is a collaboration between the province of Noord-Brabant and its five major cities, including Eindhoven. Cultural institutions could submit subsidy applications until 31 January 2020.

This was for the period from 2021 till 2024. All the applicants from the city had already received grants from Cultuur Eindhoven in recent years. The subsidy scheme is in line with the province’s regulations and planning.

BrabantStad’s advisory committee provided advice to the contemporary cultural applicants. Based on that advice and the subsidy ceiling, the province will fund eight cultural institutions from Eindhoven. The city’s Cultural Council drew up these recommendations. It has statutory powers as Cultuur Eindhoven’s advisory body.

‘Pleasantly surprised’

Chairman of the Cultural Council, Bas van Spréw, says, “We’re pleasantly surprised by the applications’ diversity. More and more applicants also want to participate. They want to make new connections with new target groups and partners within and outside Eindhoven, in new ways.”

“That’s a valuable development. We hope and expect these new connections to last, and not be once-off. The applications also paid a lot of attention to talent development and cultural education. We think this is a very positive development.”

“It’s nice that many institutions already have clarity about the next four years. This is as a result of this coordination with BrabantStad and the connection to the government’s regulations. That’s a huge advantage,” Bas concludes.

Source: Cultuur Eindhoven and the Eindhoven Municiplaity 

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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