Now you can listen to Radio 4 Brainport via DAB

Radio 4 Brainport on DAB
Photo credit: Radio 4 Brainport

Radio 4 Brainport (R4B) recently started broadcasting via DAB+ from the Eindhoven’s city centre. This radio station has been available online for quite some time now. Now you can listen to its programmes via digital audio broadcasting (DAB) too.

DAB+ uses only an antenna on digital radio sets. You, therefore, don’t need an internet connection or phone data. This digital form of radio broadcasting will be replacing FM in future and is, for instance, available in almost any newly sold car.

To receive Radio 4 Brainport on DAB+, you may need to do a new scan for stations on your DAB receiver. The R4B programmes are available on DAB+ from 07:00 hrs to 19:00. If they can find sponsoring this non-profit station would like to extend this to 24 hours.

You can still webstream the station

But for now, R4B encourages listeners to continue listening during the evening. They can do so via web streaming on You can still stream the station to your phone too. And if you don’t have a DAB receiver in your car yet, you can still find the station on 747, and 828 AM mediumwave, but not on FM.

Radio 4 Brainport has partnered with Eindhoven News. Together, they provide entertaining programmes in English for the international community in the region. Among the music, there are informative items that cover science, technology, design and innovation. They also address many aspects of life in the region. National and international sources provide news, local weather and traffic updates.

Eindhoven News provides this radio station’s local news. It’s featured several times per hour during the morning and evening rush hour. News updates can be heard at the top of the hour at 10:00, 13:00, and 15:00 too.

 Catering to non-natives

“We aim to become a station that addresses any topic that non-natives living in Eindhoven would like to know more about”, says Jean-Paul Linnartz, the station programme director. “Right from the start, Radio 4 Brainport covered topics such as ‘How to find your way in the Netherlands’.”

“Or favourite outings and activities to engage in locally. In these ‘corona’ times, interest shifted more towards topics related to the spread of the virus. As well as its countermeasures,¬† and how internationals feel and respond. And we continue to improve our programming with the help of listener input,” Jean-Paul concludes.

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