“Groentenpas” a helping hand to buy healthy products

Source: Studio040/San van Suchtelen

Pupils from Augustinianum took part in a competition to improve the health of people from low-income households.

Sebastiaan Roggen, Thijs van Son and Merijn Heintze were pleasantly surprised yesterday. They won first prize for ‘The best idea 2020’. The competition is an initiative of the FNO, an organisation protecting the interests of the vulnerable population. The challenge was to think of a product to improve the health of people with low-education and -income.

“We developed the Groentenpas (vegetable pass).” Thijs reports proudly. “People doing grocery shopping can voluntarily pay an extra amount. The additional amount is donated to the Groentenpas. The collective amount is then divided amongst the people of lower income. FNO will determine the people eligible for the pass. The pass holder can buy selected healthy items from supermarkets.

The boys are tentatively exploring ways to make the project a reality. “We still have to get supermarkets on board.” said the boys. “One of us has a part-time job at a supermarket, and they seemed keen.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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