Mierlo actor seeks participants to dance in white underpants for short film

frank lammers
Photo credit: Omroep Brabant

Frank Lammers, an actor from Mierlo who starred in a hit Netflix series, has announced plans to create a new film based on the coronavirus crisis. The film will be called ‘Groeten van Gerri’ (‘Greetings from Gerri’). The actor is looking for people who want to star in the film. There is just one condition: they have to be willing to dance in their underwear.

Lammers began filming on Tuesday evening. Lammers himself plays the lead role of Gerri van Vloghoven, a high school chemistry teacher who, since the coronavirus crisis, has to conduct his lessons online. During one of his classes, he realises that he has forgotten to put on trousers. The footage of him in his white underpants subsequently goes viral.

‘There must be something we can do, right?’

‘I was bored,’ says Lammers when explaining the motivation behind his new project. ‘At the moment, everything in the film making world has come to a halt because of the coronavirus situation. I thought, we could all sit on our asses, but surely there must be something we can do, right?’.

‘I came up with the idea when my daughter’s teachers started giving their classes online,’ Lammers continues. ‘My film is based on this new situation. We are making the film within the limitations that the coronavirus situation presents’.

Several of Lammers’ actor friends will star in the film, whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines. ‘We have no physical contact and we do not come together in one room. I film everything remotely, via the laptop. When the other actors’ parts are filmed, I then film and add my parts,’ he explains.

‘Lammers says ‘the essence of the story is the loneliness of this man’. He describes his protagonist as ‘sweet and pathetic at the same time’.

Casting call

Lammers is still looking for people who would like to star in his film. He says, ‘I need videos of people dancing to the song, “Times are Changing” by Direct, preferably wearing white underpants. I need people doing anything crazy with white underpants. I also need people to make a video in which they send Gerri van Vloghoven a get well soon message.’

Videos can be sent to the ‘Groeten van Gerri’ Instagram page.

The film will be finalised by production company, Millstreet Films. Lammers hopes it will be released this summer.


Source: Omroep Brabant

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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