More crowds in the city centre

people in city centre
Photo Credit: Studio040

With shops reopenings, more crowds are visiting the city centre. Business owners are looking for ways to apply the 1.5-meter rule.

The Spijkerman bookstore in Kleine Bergstraat’s remained open since the beginning of the corona crisis. “I do have strict conditions. Only one customer can be in the store at a time. They have to wash their hands when leaving,” says the owner, Stein Spijkerman.

“My regular customers are all still coming, but they’re of a vulnerable age. Some are hesitant about visiting the store and then contact me to have books delivered to home. But many people also enjoy having a trip to the city,” says Spijkerman.

Heading the right way

Although the weather’s getting better, business owners aren’t yet relieved. The owner of the Vielgut clothing store in Nieuwe Emmastraat, Arnold Raaijmakers, says, “We’ve noticed turnover has declined and the street’s quiet.”

“The crisis’ impact’s severe. We’re heading in the right direction again, but there’s a big hole. We have to wait and see what happens in the future,” says Raaijmakers.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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