Van der Valk Eindhoven stands “standby” for healthcare staff

Photo Credit: Studio040

Van der Valk Eindhoven is ready to accommodate healthcare staff if necessary, a spokesperson said.

The Limburg branch of the hotel chain in Stein-Urmond serves as a care hotel for corona patients. This is not the case at the Eindhoven location. “There is, however, contact about the reception of staff who travel to Eindhoven to lend a helping hand,” said the spokesperson.

“We are talking about cleaners and nurses, for example. We have not yet made concrete agreements about this with the Safety Region (Veiligheidsregio). Those people are busy, of course.”

When the hotel actually houses nursing staff, measures must be taken. “Then we have to see how we do that in terms of hygiene. But I don’t see any problems for that, we will certainly figure that out.” the spokesperson concludes.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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