Not to panic over the coronavirus, Catharina Hospital is prepared

Catharina Hospital
Photo credit: Catharina Ziekenhuis (Studio040)

Travel censures, declining import of Chinese parts, economic damage: panic surrounding the outbreak of the coronavirus is increasing by the day. While the rest of the world is spiralling into panic, hospitals are reacting calculatedly calm. “We are definitely ready. There is no panic.”

Ilse Laros is an expert in the field of infection control at Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. She is well-informed on the coronavirus and preventing the spread of the disease in a hospital.


Laros has a loud and clear message. “It isn’t a big deal. The coronavirus is no more dangerous than the general flu-virus, unfortunately we are not as familiar with it. That is what is causing the panic.”

“The virus is contagious but not to an extreme measure. Taking into account the number of Chinese people compared to the number infected. In the meantime, there is no vaccine or treatment. Therefore, in the case of contamination with the virus, it is the responsibility of the patient to declare it to the officials. Most people have been doing that well.”

Prevention measures

What if it becomes serious and hospital admittance is necessary? “The correct procedures and protocols are already in place” says Laros. Awareness in hospitals has been increased to identify possible cases.

At Catharina Hospital patients are placed in isolation in the Emergency Room (Eerste Hulp):

  • No air from outside enters the room due to pressurisation inside the room.
  • Pressurisation does not allow for air to exit the room.
  • Personnel entering the room will wear a medical gown, protective eye wear, masks and gloves.
  • After treating the patient, protective clothing is removed. Hand washing is required and personnel are allowed to continue with other patients.

“That doesn’t sound extreem and indeed it is not. The Netherlands is ready and there is no panic.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Ame Harris

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