E-scooter company gets EUR10 mill

GO Sharing e-scooters
GO Sharing intends to expand across Europe. Photo credit: Go Sharing

Many of you may have seen the green GO Sharing e-scooters in Eindhoven. This company launched here, and in Rotterdam, last year.

Go Sharing is an e-scooter sharing system. Users – individuals or businesses – can find and book an e-scooter via the company’s GO Sharing app. The company currently has 750 fully electric scooters in Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

They have now secured €10 million in financing from Rabo Corporate Investments. Raymon Pouwels of GO Sharing says, “This financial injection from our partners will enable us to pursue our mission. Already this year we will be able to deploy thousands of additional e-scooters in 20 new cities in the Netherlands.”

Works closely with mobility service network

GO Sharing works closely with its service provider, which already has a nationwide e-mobility service network in not only the Netherlands. They are also in Belgium and Germany and has a location in England.

Ths e-scooter sharing company wants to change the way people travel. GO Sharing’s fully electric scooters contribute to improving air quality and reducing noise pollution. They also help solve the mobility problem in urban areas. “Rabobank’s ambition is to contribute to a sustainable future,” says Thijs Friederich, Rabo Corporate Investments’ Investment Director.

‘Fits in perfectly’

“GO Sharing fits in seamlessly with that ambition with its products and services. We are proud of this green frontrunner. It stimulates electric mobility in cities …, thus working towards more sustainable transport. Rabobank believes in the solutions offered by GO Sharing.”

GO Sharing’s ambition is not limited to the Netherlands. This young, ambitious sharing platform also wants to make the rest of Europe a lot greener.

Source: GO Sharing

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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