Changes to meter cupboard for solar panel connections can be financed

solar panel
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From 2020, De Groene Zone (The Green Zone) initiative will finance modifications to the meter cupboard for solar panel connections. With these changes, more homeowners could benefit from solar panels on their roofs.

Based on experience, half of the meter cupboards are not suitable for solar panel connections. If solar panels are required, the meter cupboard then needs to be modified or replaced. This costs money.

De Groene Zone intends to make sustainable energy generation with solar panels accessible to everyone, so also for people without savings. By co-funding the work needed on meter cupboards, we hope to make solar panels accessible and attractive to more people”, says Eindhoven Councillor, Arno Uijlenhoet.

The scheme is beneficial for those who do not have enough savings available. People can borrow money from the municipality at a low interest rate of 1.35%. As one’s monthly electricity saving is higher than the repayment of the loan, this means people save money. People can register for scheme via

Source: Eindhoven City Council press release

Translator: Shufei

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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