Successful 5G test

TU/e, 5G
Photo credit: TU Eindhoven (Studio040)

A successful test was recently carried out using 5G technology. This test was held on the roofs of two TU/e buildings. This means wireless internet, among other things, will be much faster in the future. 

With the new technology, films can, for example, be downloaded in mere seconds. Self-driving cars could become a real possibility.

The practical test at the TU/e involved a fast version of 5G. The current problem with 5G is that it only works at short distances. Eindhoven University has now developed new antenna technology that enables wireless communication over long distances. This new antenna would also make 6G possible, according to the TU/e.

TU/e researcher, Ronis Maximidis, is pleased with the successful test. “With this test, we have proved our technology works outside the lab. The next step is to build a prototype. Our goal is to provide the whole world with 5G and 6G, even in the most remote areas”.

The next generation of wireless networks, 5G, is expected to be rolled out commercially next year. This is the first phase, which is slightly faster than the current 4G. Experiments with 5G are already in full swing in Eindhoven.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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