.. his voice echoes in our hearts

Arnol Kox, recovered from the hospital, and our iconic preacher is back in the streets of Eindhoven

Just 2 weeks ago, we shared that Arnol Kox was hospitalised. This was such a shock to many in Eindhoven. He had since received well over 80 cards, flowers and many best wishes since.

Eindhoven News, caught up with Arnol at Catherina Hospital. He was preparing to be discharged, to go home with his wife Gerry. The nurse removed his drip and explained about the medication and upcoming appointments. Both Arnol and Gerry, were looking forward to going home to rest, and eat home food again.

Talking to Arnol, was a sheer spiritual moment. He shared that he was happy to see visitors. Despite his pain, he had a huge smile, and with a deep and calm voice, he openly blessed everyone. With his big hands, he shook mine, thanking Eindhoven News for showing him love and respect.

Yes he promised to be back in the streets, if he is able. So if you see him, hear him .. just take the few minutes to stop and talk to him. What do you have to lose but few minutes? He has been preaching for over 40 years, and you will be amazed by his presence.

Arnol Kox, is our very own living legend, in our city of Eindhoven.

For Eindhoven News: Aroop Bhattacharjee

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