City centre investment approved

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On Tuesday evening, the Eindhoven City Council unanimously approved the new plans for the city centre.

With an amount of more than EUR18 million, the city centre will be given a makeover. For example, the red pavement stones will be removed and replaced. There will also be a lot more green space, with shrubs and trees. The city centre will also get new sewers, benches, and waste bins. Finally, there will be references on the streets to what Eindhoven stands for – design, innovation, and technology.

All the political parties support the plan. The red pavement stones are worn out, they say, and the centre should become more of a showcase for the high-tech region. Many of the parties also say climate change needs to be better anticipated, with, for example, more green space in the city centre.

Nevertheless, 50Plus, PvdA, and DENK, among other parties, are critical of the Markt. The City Council has excluded the square from the plans for the time being. Tackling the Markt is still too expensive. 50Plus has asked Councillor Rik Thijs to arrange this. But Thijs is not keen on the idea. “For now, I do not see any possibilities. But in two years, I will consider this with you”.

The work is to be done in phases. It will start next year on Stratumseind. The job should be finished in 2025.


Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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