GEM-tower from TU/e provides festival with clean energy

The folding GEM-tower will replace the polluting diesel units.

Eindhoven University of Technology has developed a tower that will soon be used to provide festivals with sustainable energy. The folding GEM-tower is a folding tower with a windmill and solar panels.

The colossus can be built up in one day and will serve as an alternative to the polluting diesel aggregates used at festivals. “Aggregates are making noise and are environmentally unfriendly”, says Faas Moonen of the TU/e. “We must be able to deliver power to a festival any time of the day. If there is no power for a moment, there is panic. ”

The GEM-tower has been tested in a wind tunnel for storms and bad weather. At the Belgian festival Pukkelpop, it will be really tested for the first time whether the GEM-tower is truly festival-proof.

Source: Studio040

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