Museum door de Stad at Park Hilaria

The traveling Museum door de Stad (Museum through the city) will be at Park Hilaria in Eindhoven until Sunday 11 August.

This time the theme of the Museum door de Stad is ‘Past, present and future of transport’. With the various installations that the museum has at the fair, visitors are taken into the development of the city’s infrastructure. Among other things, technical innovations and means of transport of the future are shown.

The installations at Park Hilaria are made in collaboration with students from Eindhoven University of Technology and the artists’ collective The artists’ collective made the installation ‘Bumper Ballet’. The installation is about the significance of technology for the self-driving car. The students of the TU/e show the developments of transport over the years and ask the public how they see the future of transport. These answers are collected anonymously, which ultimately results in a personal souvenir.


In addition, installations have been made by old acquaintances of the Museum door de Stad. With its Cooperative Installation, Mies Loogman introduces the public to the Philips electric bicycle and the DAF variomatic. Jelle Mastenbroek and Daniël de Bruin let visitors make choices with their Dilemma machine.

Eindhoven Museum
Museum door de Stad travels from 2018 to 2020 through Eindhoven with installations inspired by the cultural-historical collection of the Eindhoven Museum

Source: Studio040

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