NXP stops with deliveries to Huawei

Photo credit: Studio040

The Eindhoven-based chip manufacturer NXP stops the delivery of certain products to Huawei. This is the consequence of the sanctions that America has taken against the Chinese company. This reports RTL Z.

The Chinese company Huawei is known for their phones. Last week the U.S. Government announced additional measures. American companies are not allowed to deliver products to Huawei anymore, because the company is seen as a danger to the national security in the United States.

NXP says to RTL Z that they are complying with international rules and therefore also with the American measures. NXP has three factories in the US, where so-called wafers are being made. These are used for making computer chips. The company does not want to say which products exactly will no longer be delivered to Huawei.

Source: www.studio040.nl
Translated by: Bob

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