Genneper Hoeve cows jump for joy

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Wednesday saw the traditional annual koeiendans (cow dance) taking place at Eindhoven’s urban farm, Genneper Hoeve.

Although Spring officially started a while ago and many cows in the Netherlands were already out to pasture, Genneper Hoeve’s cows had to be a little patient. The grass was not long enough yet. But Wednesday was the day.

Jumping for joy, they came running out of the shed. That made for a lot of enthusiastic reactions from the crowd that comes to watch the cow dance every year. “They are celebrating Spring. The cows can go outside again and so can we,” said one of the onlookers.

‘We have been using Facebook for a few years now to advertise this day. And since we started with that, a lot of people come to see the spectacle,” says local farmer, Age Opdam. And that is no lie. People encircled the entire pasture; eager to see the happy cows take to the pasture.

The cows need not fear that they will go back into the shed any time soon. They will stand outside until November.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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