Council also worried about new building plans at Evoluon

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Not only do many Eindhoven residents have concerns about the new construction plans at the Evoluon, but now so does the Municipality.

According to Councillor Yasin Torunoglu, there are risks involved with the plans of the new owners, real estate duo, Foolen en Reijs. He is referring, in particular, to the plans for building around the iconic monument. If the plans are carried out, it would mean the Evoluon would possibly no longer be visible from Beukenlaan and Noord Brabantlaan.

Torunoglu responded to questions from coalition parties PvdA (Labour Party) and GroenLinks (Green Left Party). These groups are also worried that the Evoluon will soon be less visible if houses arise alongside this well-known Eindhoven landmark. “With the sale of the Evoluon by Philips to Foolen en Reijs, the monument is preserved for the city. But the plans do keep us busy. This icon must not be hidden from view”, Labour Party Councillor, Jan Hopstaken, said.

Councillor Torunoglu pointed out that there is plenty of consultation between Foolen en Reijs and Philips. The City Council of Eindhoven is also involved. He said the City Council would also still eventually have to give its approval to a new zoning plan for the area, before Foolen en Reijs could start building at the Evoluon.

Earlier this month there was a citizens’ initiative started by worried Eindhoven residents. About 800 people have now added their signature to prevent the Evoluon from becoming obscured from view. Heritage watchdog, Henri van Abbestichting, also has some doubts about the plans.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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