Hermes introduces Bravoflex

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A new flexible public transport service is now available in Eindhoven-Zuid, Waalre and Veldhoven. Hermes launched its “on-call” Bravoflex service.

Travellers can book a seat on a mini-bus using an app. The special bus picks up passengers at a selected bus stop. Passengers are then driven to their selected bus stop.

Regional transport company Hermes wants to make public transport even more user-friendly. The Bravoflex service also provides an alternative to city lines which are hardly used.

After booking a Bravoflex bus using, the pick-up time is calculated within seconds. Time of arrival at the destination is also calculated. Sometimes, passengers will share a Bravoflex bus with others.

No changes are needed for routes covered by this special service. Passengers can see in advance, which driver will collect them and drive them to their destination.

Hermes reports, this new service is a great success in Helmond since its introduction, about a year ago. Nevertheless, there is criticism. Some Eindhoven political parties are among the critics.

Critics point out, this service is provided at the expense of inhabitants with low incomes. These are allowed to use public transport for free in Eindhoven. Bravoflex also creates unfair competition, because this subsidized bus-service poses a threat to local cab-services.

Interested in using Bravoflex? An average journey of approximately 4.5 kilometres costs more than € 4.00. The maximum fee for a fare is € 7.00.

More information in Dutch, is available through Hermes’ website.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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