Mysterious accident

A mysterious accident happened early Monday morning. Residents of the Koudenhovenseweg-Zuid in Tongelre discovered an injured person in their street.

It is unclear what happened. Police presumes the young man fell with his motorbike.

Residents heard a loud bang. They went outside to discover what caused the noise. There they discovered the young man.

He was lying in the middle of the street. He was severely wounded and unable to respond coherently to questions.

Police accompanied the victim in the ambulance to a local hospital. They hope to interview the victim and find out what exactly happened.

Collision Eindhoven van Meelweg

Sunday, three people were injured in a collision. This accident happened along the Marinus van Meelweg in Eindhoven.

At the crossing between the van Meelweg and Henri Wijnmalenweg, two cars collided. Two of the victims were sitting in one car. The driver of the other car was also injured.

Police cordoned off the crossing, to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

Policeman collides with colleague

Another accident happened early Sunday morning. This involved a policeman on his motorcycle.  He collided with a colleague.

The police officer was exploring a course, when he collided with one of his colleagues who was sitting on his stationary bike. The police officer was injured; his motor wrecked.

The accident caused oil spillage. The course was temporarily closed, as the mess had to be cleaned up. The policeman was taken to hospital.

Source – Studio 040:
Wounded young man found
Three people injured
Policeman collides with colleague

Translator: Kate

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