Artist-in-residence at Van Abbemuseum

Want to watch a work of art being created? Then Eindhoven’s Van Abbemuseum is the place to visit!

The museum offers its visitors the opportunity to watch an artist at work. The subject of the work-in-progress is graphite: the material from which pencils are made.

Eindhoven artist Gam Bodenhausen uses the museum as her research station. She has traveled to places related to graphite, such as graphite mines and a pencil factory in the Lake District.

The exhibition “Graphite Knots” can be found at Het Oog (the Eye), a patio inside the museum. Objects and loans from other museums are part of this exhibition.

The aim of the museum’s artist-in-residence is to offer a view of past and future of the pencil. At the patio, film footage and photographs of the artist’s travels are shown as part of Bodenhausen’s installation.

Bodenhausen is also going to create an enormous drawing using graphite, on the back wall of the exhibition space.

Visitors will be able to watch Bodenhausen at work, creating her art. During the five months the artist will be in residence at the museum, everyone can watch and at times even help.

Work starts today. The drawing will be finished on September 16th.

More on this project: Van Abbe – “Graphite Knots”

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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