Brainport to get first Dutch Cyber Resilience Centre

Brainport will get the first Dutch Cyber Resilience Centre, or rather Cyber Weerbaarheid Centrum. The new centre will already be in use this summer.

“The centre is a kind of small business. It is a cooperation helping smaller companies in this region to put their digital security in order,” says Robert-Jan Marringa, project manager from Brainport Development.

Large companies such as DAF and ASML generally have their cyber security in order, but for smaller companies this is often a problem. Smaller companies are suppliers to for example, ASML. As such, it is also very important for such companies to have their digital security in order and up to date.

“Compare the situation to a fire. It is not always possible to prevent a fire, but you can implement measures to minimize risks and dangers when one starts,” explains Marringa. “If a fire starts, it is possible to extinguish it fast and perhaps prevent one in future”.

The Cyber Resilience Centre will help smaller companies at Brainport, by providing knowledge and financial support. The centre intends to be helping at least a hundred companies in the field of Internet security by the end of this year.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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