Crime in Eindhoven is falling

Crime in Eindhoven is falling

Crime in Eindhoven has declined considerably over the past year. That reports the police.

In total, the number of offenses decreased by 14 percent. In 2016 there were still about 20950, a year later about 18000. ‘The decline follows the national trend. Although the decrease in Eindhoven is even stronger, ‘says police chief Albert van de Wetering. He mentions, in addition to piggybacking on the overall national trend, a number of reasons for the decline. ‘Companies and citizens, for example with citizens’ surveillance, are more involved in keeping the city safe. There is also a lot of collaboration with social-welfare institutions, and community agents are increasingly involved in the capillaries of society. ‘

There is mainly a decline when it comes to daily crime, which affects residents in their immediate environment, the so-called ‘high impact crimes’. For example, the Eindhoven police saw fewer domestic burglaries (9 percent decrease), car burglaries (37 percent), bicycle thefts (21 percent), robberies (24 percent), street robberies (38 percent) and pickpocketing (17 percent).

In addition, there is also less inconvenience caused by youth groups in the neighborhoods. For example, the number of nuisance reports decreased by 24 percent, to just over 1,000 in the year 2017. According to the police, there is more attention and a firmer approach to the youth groups, such as in the Edison neighborhood. The fact that young people are more at home on the laptop or computer is also an explanation for the decline.

A downward trend cannot be seen in all areas. For example, much more nuisance is caused by ‘confused persons’. An increase of over forty percent, according to the figures. Van de Wetering: ‘And these are not all people with a clear mental disorder. They can also be demented elderly people, people who have been evicted from home or drug addicts. ‘ The police chief also worries about some serious violent incidents in the city, such as in drug-related crimes or recently an assault and battery at Stratumseind. ‘We still have to make a big effort to bring those figures down’.

Source: Studio040

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