And Frits approves …

Coincidence? The PSV festivities coincide with Frits Philips’ birthday.

The former CEO of Philips was born on 16 April 1905. At the age of 5, on 15 January 1911, he kicked off the first game of ‘his’ PSV. Mr. Frits was always present at the Philips Stadium, right up to his death.

After his death, it was decided his permanent home would remain empty. Frits Philips fell on his estate De Wielewaal on November 12, 2005. He died in his sleep a few weeks later, on December 5.

The honorary citizen of Eindhoven was driven through the center of the city after his death. Thousands of people witnessed his last journey through town.

Frits Philips was a big PSV fan all his life. So supporters and the teams of PSV and Fenerbahçe observed a minute’s silence on December 6 2005, before the kick-off.

Mr. Frits‘ statue is to be found on the Markt in Eindhoven. During matches and today’s celebrations, it will look approvingly at supporters gathering on the market square to celebrate their club winning the Dutch title.

Source: Studio 040


Translator: Kate

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