Last Citizens’ Debate on future of Eindhoven

Photo credit: EIndhoven Media Library

In the last Citizens’ Debate of the “We in the city’ series, Eindhoven discusses the future of the city’s governance.

How to turn Eindhoven into a city where everyone is allowed to have an opinion, instead of just the highly educated elite? The city of the future is in the spotlight as various points of view discuss the current political system. Thom Aussems, director of housing corporation Sint Trudo, will lead the debate.

Previous Citizens’ Debates discussed living, social cohesion, and sustainability in the city, with the future of Eindhoven on the agenda. The aim is to involve every citizen and reflect on how the city of light will look in years to come.

The fourth Citizens’ Debate was held in cafe ‘t Rozenknopje on Eindhoven’s Hoogstraat on Wednesday night.


Translated by: Bob

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