Want to learn or teach for free?

People love to learn new things and share their knowledge. When it is for free, it is even better. This is the concept behind LearnAndTeachAnythingForFree.

The format of these “LearnShops” is based on social capital. This means members of the public can attend a lecture or participate in a workshop for free. Entrepreneurs and gust speakers who are also willing to give of their time, knowledge and talent for free, get a very relevant form of subtle marketing. It’s a win-win.

If anyone has their own premises, for example a workshop, restaurant or gym, where they would like to present a free LearnShop, or open day, this can be facilitated by this international social entrepreneurial venture. Speakers and teachers are invited to offer their services for future workshops by registering on this link.

LearnAndTeachAnythingForFree‘ also helps their audience know about free workshops or classes in their cities via their website and facebook page. This initiative has taken off all over the world, and in the Netherlands is up and running in Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Photo: LearnAndTeachAnythingForFree Facebook page

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