Eindhoven 2nd On AD Crime Meter

Eindhoven is the second unsafest city in the Netherlands. This is according to the annual Crime Meter of the AD. Only Amsterdam fared worse. They are in first place.

This ranking is based on crime statistics from 2016. The year before, Eindhoven was still in third place.

Tubbergen is, according to the Crime Meter, the safest municipality in the Netherlands, This municipality Overijssel is followed by Sint Anthonis.

The number of common crimes fell countrywide by eight percent last year. Amsterdam is on par with this. There, common crimes fell by eight percent. In Eindhoven this reduction was only 0,2 percent.

Just like the previous year, the number of crimes declined more in the city than in the rural areas. It is, according to the report, more difficult to curb crime in the rural areas. The number of crimes, such as burglaries, theft, robberies and assault, reported rose in more than half of the smaller municipalities.

But even though, there were fewer vehicles stolen, robberies on the street and homes burgled, violent crimes remain a problem. These fell by only three percent.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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