MediaMarkt organizes festival for reopening

MediaMarkt organizes festival for reopening

The MediaMarkt in the center of Eindhoven will soon be the first to proceed with a new concept.

The focus will primarily be on innovation and the perception of the customer in the renewed store. For example, there is a game area, coffee bar and a dining area. The products are also presented differently. The long rows of fluorescent lights are gone.

For the reopening, the store pulls out a free festival within the shop walls. Visitors can admire the first flying car and even bid on one of the first flights in there. In the music lounge, the Eindhoven disc jockey La Fuente will run his set and in the rest of the store will be cooking demos, VR parachuting and DJ workshops.

The redesigned MediaMarkt opens its doors April 26. The MediaMarkt Festival follows directly.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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