10,000 euros tip reward for stolen rare quad

10,000 euros tip reward for stolen rare quad

A very rare quad was stolen at the motor business R2R Store on the Leemkuilen in Eindhoven. Several dirt bikes were stolen as well. The store owner has announced a reward of € 10,000 for the golden tip.

Of the stolen WSP Quad only three were made in the world. The components of the vehicle are nowhere available in the store because they are only prototypes. The quad was at the R2R Store in the workplace because technicians had to perform some adjustments.

R2R store owner thinks it is a burglars guild who wanted to make money quickly. They didn’t have knowledge of bikes, however, according to him. “The quad is almost unique in the world, so it can hardly be sold. And they won’t be able to sell the bikes easily either”, he says.

Of one of the stolen bikes there are only twenty registered in Netherlands. R2R Store even receives discounts from the manufacturer because these motorcycles are so difficult to sell. “In the showroom were plenty of other motorcycles with which they could earn money more easily,” says the owner.

To get to the quad burglars smashed a window of the showroom. Through there they got access to the adjacent workshop. The first three suspects had completely covered their faces, but a fourth suspect had only a cap and is recognizable on images by surveillance cameras. A fifth suspect waited in the getaway car.

Police have conducted extensive forensic investigation in the store and requested all camera images of the neighborhood. These are investigated currently. On facebook, the golden tip is not given yet.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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