Spanish “spookrijder” was inebriated

Photo credit: Studio040

The police in Eindhoven pulled over a”spookrijder” who seemed to be highly intoxicated. The Spaniard was arrested before he could do any damage.

Officers saw the man driving on the wrong side of the road last Saturday evening. Another vehicle narrowly avoided colliding with him. The police forced the man to stop by parking their vehicles diagonally across the road.

The driver, a Spanish man, seemed to be drunk: he stumbled next to the vehicle and, due to speaking broken Dutch, was hard to understand. A breathalyzer test test confirmed the officers’ suspicions and another breath test at the station showed a blood alcohol level of 1.8.

His driver’s license was confiscated and he received a summons he will have to answer to a judge at a later stage.


Source: studio040
Translator: Melinda

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