Reorganization Summa College off the agenda for time being

There will not be a reorganization at the Summa College for the time being. The board of the Eindhoven mbo (intermediate level vocational education) foundation therefore has withdrawn a controversial plan, the ED (Eindhovens Dagblad, Eindhoven daily newspaper) reports.

In the plan twelve full time jobs should be deleted. That ought to be necessary as the amounts of students are decreasing in the next few years. But the controversial plan is off the course now.

Within the staff there was turmoil and misunderstanding about the plans. The board has said that the education teams at the Summa College are not enough involved with the plans. These teams, however, should get more responsibility.
In the next few days the board and the education teams are viewing how the Summa College can be organized more effective.

Translated by: Bob

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