Gerard De Rooy still experiencing a difficult Dakar Rally

The drivers participation in the Dakar Rally have been underway for three days and Gerard De Rooy from Son en Breugel is struggling. He lost an half and hour on the winner in yesterday’s stage.

The Team De Rooy truck had problems with it’s tire system. Three tires were constantly getting flat. Only the two back tires could be replaced with two suitable reserve tires. Meanwhile, the front tires was also getting flat. Thanks to his colleague, Wuf van Ginkel, the tires could be replaced after a time and the loss was restricted.

In the car race, Erik van Loon from Best, ran into trouble. He ran out of fuel and was stranded for two and a half hours.

Today (Thursday) is stage four to Bolivia. This is one of the most difficult stages according to the organisers of the Dakar Rally.

Translation: Melinda

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