Longest dining table Eindhoven

On Thursday 25 September 2014 Humanitas Eindhoven invites you for the longest Dining Table (‘Langste Eettafel’) Eindhoven at Philips Health Care Netherlands. You are welcome for this special three course dinner from 5pm to 7pm.

Did you always wanted to take a look in the Philips kitchen? And do you like to eat in the company of others? Please seat yourself at the long winding table of Humanitas in the head quarters of Philips Benelux at the Boschdijk 525 in Eindhoven.

After the soup the cook will show you Philips technological delights in the kitchen. This is also the way to get to your main course. Serve yourself! The dessert is served at the table, so you can keep on talking with your neighbour.

Eating together connects. Eating together is an easy and fun way to meet new people or to get to know each other.

The ‘Langste Eettafel’ (longest dining table) Eindhoven is part of the ‘Lange Eettafel’ (long dining table) Netherlands. Everywhere in the country people are gettting together for a social dinner from 25 September to 4 October 2014. Anyone can organize such a ‘dining table’. This can be at home, at work, at the sports club, in the street or in a community centre. The tables will be digitally linked to each other and this way they will make up the longest dining table of the Netherlands.
The total length of the dining table is now about 2.5 kilometers. The aim is to get a table with 20,000 visitors.

The price to join is €10,- per person, including one drink.
If you like to book please call Humanitas Eindhoven, telephone 040 20 65 350.
See also: www.samentegeneenzaamheid.nl (together against loneliness).

Would you like to join outside of Eindhoven? In the calendar, you can find all dining tables.

All employees, from management to security, kitchen staff and cleaning brigade of Humanitas Eindhoven and Philips Benelux are working voluntarily on the dinner.

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