Maxima returns to Eindhoven

Queen Maxima will be returning to Eindhoven. She will be giving a speech on financial independence for women. Minister Jet Bussemaker sent her the invitation.

Bussemaker is conducting a series of regional gatherings, called ‘Kracht On Tour’, Power On Tour. The aim of this tour is to make women and men aware of their talents. The tour also aims to motivate companies and municipalities to help more women with employment, therefore aiding in their financial independence. More than half of Dutch women are currently unable to stand on their own two feet financially. Queen Maxima will be giving a speech on this theme. She will also be meeting with women in the region to discuss their financial positions.

Queen Maxima and Minister Bussemaker are due in Eindhoven on June 23. The gathering will take place in the ‘Lichttoren’, The Light Tower.

Source: Studio040

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