My Waltz with the Waffle Man

My life here in The Netherlands has become dramatically better with in the last week. Our grocery store C1000 has been sold to a competitor named Jumbo (the J is pronounced like a Y, just like my last name). It is a beautiful new supermarket perfectly close to my house. I just bought saddle bags for my bike because I planned to cycle to the market to get most of my food. I’ll just have to go more often which is what the Dutch like to do.

As I arrived at our new store ready to explore what new items they were stocking, I was welcomed by a friendly Jumbo greeter with a magic wand in her hand that she passed to me. It was yellow and shiny and oh so much fun! As I glided through my new store while pointing, scanning and bagging my goodies all by myself… elation took over my body. I was giddy with delight of having so much power. I would no longer have to avoid eye contact with the other people in line who held just a loaf of bread while I checked out my weeks’ worth of groceries.[nbsp] I would no longer have to shun their glares as I slammed all of my food into bags at the speed of light, over packing and mashing my bread and eggs in the process.[nbsp]
I would now have the freedom to shop leisurely, scan the price and put it immediately into my bag in the place that works best for that item. As I turned a corner, my eyes caught a glimpse of a man and a cart. There was music coming from the boom box inside and on the top he was making waffles.[nbsp] This jolly ‘ole’ fellow with his tall baker hat was in such a wonderful mood. He was tapping his foot to the music and I smiled as I watched him. What a pleasure to enjoy your job so much, you wanted to dance and smile all day long.[nbsp]
Here’s a little music to help put you in the mood.
Well, he saw me standing there smiling and watching and he reached out to grab my hand. He circled me around and around the Jumbo market while I laughed and giggled with delight at my new found favorite grocery store.[nbsp]
I checked out within seconds. All I had to do was hand my yellow shiny toy back to the cashier and pay. It was all very painless.[nbsp]
Dancing with the Waffle Man while doing a little shopping ~ pure joy!![nbsp]
Lisa Jochim

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