Kick-off for a new youth project “YourDrive 040”

The new youth project YourDrive 040 will be launched today. It is a cooperation between Humanitas Eindhoven and pop stage Dynamo.

The project is designed to help young people realize their dreams. According to the organization, youngsters often have very good ideas, such as making a world trip or starting their own business, but they often show financially irresponsible behavior.

For three months the teenagers can now get help from ‘e-buddies’. Together they can make a work plan to achieve that dream. The e-buddies are young entrepreneurs from various disciplines: art, marketing, science and the financial world.

In January 2014, the young people will present their ideas. The winner gets an "encouragement" prize to make his or her dream become reality. In the mean time they can show their progress via a blog on the YourDrive website.

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