Eindhoven once again unable to win The City Marketing Prize

Eindhoven was unable to grab The National City Marketing Trophy for the third time. This time Groningen won the prize in the city category with its 100,000 residents.

This is the fourth presentation of the City Marketing Prize. This is the third time Eindhoven was nominated. According to the jury, this year was a very close race between the cities of Eindhoven, The Hague, and Groningen, which eventually won. A jury assessed the nominees by looking at their marketing policies, cooperation with stakeholders and media profiling. The Director of the city marketing organization ‘Eindhoven 365’, Peter Kentie, is disappointed with Groningen being the winning choice. “Groningen is actually getting a lifetime award. They’ve had the same campaign for the last 15 years, ‘Nothing beats Groningen’, they don’t only win as a city, but also as a province. We, Eindhoven city, cannot compare or compete with that.” This according to Kentie. According to Kentie, the city marketing field in the Netherlands is not ready because of the sharp choices that are made, including in Eindhoven. Kentie: ”We are focusing now on September, where we find out if Eindhoven has won the cultural capital city of Europe award for 2018. That would be the best reward for our work

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