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Eindhoven accommodates poor residents. From the Meedoenbijdrage via the Energietoeslag to the Gemeentepolis, the municipality offers arrangements for a more prosperous future. Are you someone who may be missing out on money? Check the local allowances and apply.

The Meedoenbijdrage, the participatory contribution for sports, social or cultural activities, is linked to the Energietoeslag, the energy allowance. If your income is less than 20 per cent above the social assistance standard, you are entitled to both arrangements. The national tax authorities’ allowance, such as Huur- en Zorgtoeslag (rent and care allowance), do not count towards personal income.

The Meedoenbijdrage entitles free bus travel, an affordable library subscription and swimming with a discount. Children up to the age of six can get their swimming diplomas for free through this arrangement. One can apply for the Meedoenbijdrage and Energietoeslag digitally with DigiD via eindhoven.nl/meedoenbijdrage. A paper application form is obtainable via telephone number 14040.


For parents with children up to the age of 12 who use childcare, there is Kinderopvangbijdrage. This childcare allowance exists besides the Kinderopvangtoeslag, for which you can apply via the national tax authorities, the Belastingdienst. Parents qualify for the municipal allowance if they follow a study or follow a trajectory to work and receive a social assistance benefit. More information can be found at eindhoven.nl/kinderopvangbijdrage.

Individuele studietoeslag

The Individuele studietoeslag is a study allowance of a maximum of 300 euros per month for students from the age of 18 who are entitled to Studiefinanciering (study grant), WTOS (grant for education or study costs) or Levenlanglerenkrediet (lifelong learning credit). As long as they cannot provide income due to a structural medical disability and don’t receive Wajong or sickness benefits from the UWV. Applications can be made via: eindhoven.nl/studietoeslag.

Individuele inkomenstoeslag

Are you 23 or older but not older than the state pension age, and have you lived on a minimum income for five years? Then you can apply for the Individuele inkomenstoeslag. The amount of this individual income benefit is 540 euros for a single person, 650 euros for a single person with children and 709 euros for cohabiting partners/spouses. Your equity may not exceed 6,505 euros. Applications can be made via eindhoven.nl/inkomenstoeslag.

Bijzondere bijstand

You can apply for special social assistance if you are faced with extra costs due to extraordinary circumstances. You can not claim it if your personal equity exceeds 6,505 euros. The municipality determines per application whether this social assistance benefit is granted as a gift or loan. More information can be found at eindhoven.nl/bijzonderebijstand.

Collectieve zorgverzekering Gemeentepolis

Do you have less income than 130 per cent of the social assistance standard and no more equity than 6,505 euros? Then the Gemeentepolis, the collective health insurance from the municipality, can be interesting. This is basic and supplementary insurance from health insurers VGZ and CZ. One can save money with the municipal premium contribution. Check  gezondverzekerd.nl/eindhoven whether the Gemeentepolis suits you.

Assistance with completing forms

Residents with difficulty filling out an application form can contact the Eindhoven municipality (telephone number 14040), Lumens Sociaal Raadsliedenwerk (040-2193300), Werkplaats Financien (040-760177) or WIJ Eindhoven (040-2388998).

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