Win free tickets to Brabantsedag

Brabantsedag float (Ietskes Schif)

Ever since the first procession of artisans in 1958, the Brabantsedag parade has grown into a mobile Brabantian history lesson wrapped in a theatre production, which includes quality acting, make-up, dancing, singing, and costumes. The spectacle attracts forty thousand visitors, not bad for a town of ten thousand.

The main attraction is a massive, mobile theatre spectacle, which is the product of the hard work of (currently) sixteen amateur groups, creating social cohesion as it passes through the community of the Pearl of Brabant. The amateur acting groups manage to portray an entire story during the parade, particularly during each stop lasting a mere handful of minutes. Brabant Day has been added to the National Inventory of Non-Material Cultural Heritage, as set out in the international UNESCO treaty that supports and treasures living habits, traditions, skills and rituals and aids in the passing down of such from generation to generation.

To win free tickets to this gala, please answer the following questions by writing to before 20 August. For every correct submission, you win two free tickets.

  1. Where does the Theatre Parade start?
  2.  In which year was the Brabantsedag recognised on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory?
  3.  What else will take place on the Saturday night of the opening festivities?
  4. Who gave the well-known exclamation (“I got it!”) or “Eureka”?
  5.  Which float-building group has participated in the Brabantsedag for the longest time?

When: 27 August

Where: Heeze

Why: Simply, you mustn’t miss it

To buy tickets 

  • Children up to 12 years free
  • Tickets  € 11.50 (online)
  • Tickets at the box office on the day: €12.50
  • Grandstand seats from €15 each (a separate entrance ticket is required).






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