Highlights of the city election debate in English #Eindhoven elections

First English political debate held in Eindhoven
Photo credit: Eindhoven News
Eindhoven News moderated the city election debate in English and we are proud of being the voice of the international residents of Eindhoven. The debate was hosted by the municipality while Beena Arunraj was the moderator.

An introduction to the political system is the key in understanding the Dutch political system which was presented by Jean-Paul Close (Sustainocrat). Beena Arunraj (Editor-in-Chief) was the moderator and Remco van der Weel (SIPE chairperson and Eindhoven News Events section head) was the timekeeper.

Politcal parties (alphabetically): CDA (Miriam Frosi), D66 (Tom Brouwers), GroenLinks (Eva de Bruijn), PvdA (Tjeerd Ritmeester), VOLT (Ankie van der Sar) and VVD (Ed Winters).

Special pitch: Ouderen Appèl (Wilma Richter), Partij voor de Dieren (Jonas Roothans).

Part 1 – History of Dutch Political system by Jean-Paul Close:

Part 2 – Beena Arunraj’s speech on internationalisation and international cultural mosaic of Eindhoven:

Part 3 – Party ideology:

Part 4 – Housing:

Part 5 – Social Cohesion:

Part 6 – International students:

Part 7 – Local needs in education:

Part 8 – Ouderen Appèl (elderly party) and Partij voor de Dieren (animal party)

Part 9 – English as an additional language:

Part 10 – Safe and a healthy city:

Part 11 – Sustainable city:

Part 12 – Condition of immigrants and refugees:

Part 13 – International city:

For Eindhoven News: Irene Martens

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