COVID Correspondence : A Letter to Granny..

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The year 2020 has been like no other. In many ways, this has been a year that has forced us to go back to basics. In 2020, we have been confined to our homes, unable to spend time with our elderly family members – even when they stay not so far away. What if we were writing old fashioned letters to exchange all the news in these strange times? What would your letter to your loving Grandmother read? Something like this…?

Dear Granny,

It is finally that time of the day. Office work is done; kids are taking their nap. I am relaxing with my steaming cup of tea. And, of course, I get to relate my day’s happenings to you.

I loved reading your letter and hearing all the news. The kids were excited to see the pictures you sent. The gingerbread cake looks so delicious. We could almost smell it here…Grandpa’s Christmas tree looks awesome.

I am gazing out of the window, and the trees are all bald and bare. It was just a few letters back that I was saying the leaves are turning golden brown. Christmas is almost here! The year has sped by at an amazing pace. With COVID taking over, we have been privileged to watch mostly from behind these windows.

We got up early this morning, dressed quietly, and tip-toed downstairs. All dreams of a peaceful breakfast were dashed when we heard shouts of ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ from upstairs. We set about getting the kids dressed. Breakfast was a lively affair with nursery songs sung at the top of their little voices. They vowed that waking up early was the best and would do so every day! (I almost choked on a piece of toast). I did get a quick one-pot lunch done (with lots of vegetables, as you would want to know, Granny) while the kids kicked a ball about in the backyard with their Dad.

We set up our laptops and started working while the kids played with their train set. I managed to smooth my hair and throw a jacket over my dress for a video conference. I did start pulling my hair when the meeting was gatecrashed by a couple of squabbling siblings. I had to excuse myself for a few minutes and sort out the quarrel. Thankfully, we were almost at the end of the discussion.

The kids helped us clear up after lunch. I tackled some work while their Dad disappeared for his video call. The kids were building with their Legos. We could not resist joining in once our work was finished. Soon the farm was set up, and we sat back happily. The kids were stifling big yawns, and we carried them upstairs for their nap. I have promised them that we shall bake cookies together for tea. When will I get to bake a cake with you next, Granny?

Oh! It is so heavenly to put my feet up. I did get my work done, albeit with all the chaos.  The past few months of 2020 have been far from perfect and have been all about adjustments to live a ‘miniature’ life! But it has taught us the importance of savouring every moment and to value relationships. What amazing learning for them – planting seeds, watering, and watching them grow. Positives of this small-scale lockdown life.

Oh, Granny! I just want to sit curled up on your sofa and hug you and grandpa. We could have exchanged all this news in person over a cup of tea and your heavenly gingerbread cake. How nice and warm your home feels to us – all the more cozy and welcome during the festive season. To stay so close and yet not being able to visit – that has been the toughest part of this year.

We are in the season of hope, and here is wishing that the pandemic ends soon and 2021 is full of health, happiness, and togetherness for everyone.

Love to Grandpa. Stay safe!

Your loving granddaughter


For Eindhoven News: Muktha Kartik Iyer

Muktha is a Process Consultant by profession and is passionate about books, languages and animals. She is working on her dream of publishing a rack full of books of her own.


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