Library ready for new lockdown

eindhoven library, lockdown
Lockdown? No problem, says Eindhoven's library director. Photo credit: Bibliotheek Eindhoven/Studio040

Eindhoven Library already had scenarios in mind, in case the Dutch cabinet announced a second lockdown on Monday evening.

That has now happened. The library expects another large influx of visitors. “During the first lockdown, many people came to borrow a pile of books,” director Albert Kivits says. “We expect that again.”

According to Albert, the library is also well prepared for a new range of anti-corona measures. “We can go along with governmental measures without any problems. We’ve already had a lockdown this year. We’ve also been partially open. So we can easily switch.”

Within budget

The new lockdown will last until 19 January 2021. But, it won’t cause any problems for the library. “The corona crisis is costing us between €240,000 and €250,000,” Kivits says.

“We can absorb that within our budget. Vacancies that don’t need to be filled; security guards don’t need to be hired. So, our costs are down.”

The new lockdown won’t affect the staff either. “We won’t have to cut staffing levels, even with a new lockdown. Our subsidy for the next few years is fixed. So, in that respect, we’re optimistic about the next few years.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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