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Buying and selling online is common nowadays. The Netherlands is a country known for its trading spirit. This is something we also see in the local e-commerce sites that predominantly sell used products. Besides, working from home has inspired us to organise our space more than before. As a result, there’s so much stuff to let go. What do we need to take care of when selling online? Here are the six hacks that help your goods sell sooner for a better price.
1. A picture says more than 1000 words

Placing an ad starts with taking pictures. Therefore, ensure sharp and well-exposed photos. Also, photograph the product from multiple angles and zoom in on details that may be of interest to the buyer. Use a contrasting background, so that your product looks best in the photo.

2. Sometimes more information is better
The more characteristics you enter about your product, the better your ad will be found. Photo recognition feature in many sites can help customers find the right category, target price etc. If the website you are using offers you a standout option then it is wise to buy that. A stand out option enables you to buy additional features such as the day topper and stand out extra for 1 whole day. For eg, Marktplaats has this option.

3. The title
A catchy title works well. Tell what the product is for and why you are disposing of it, for example, details about age, colour, material and dimensions or sizes. Perhaps, a little exaggeration is fine too. “Beautiful wooden dining table for a large family” works better than ” Large wooden table”. “Lovingly used stroller” attracts more traffic rather than “baby stroller”.

4. The technique
If the e-commerce website has an app then downloading that makes the process easy. In short, download the app and make it easy for yourself. You can immediately upload photos on the app and you can quickly respond to buyers via chat. Deal closed? Use Payment requests and have your shipping label scanned directly from the app.

5. Be considerate
A buyer likes to receive a quick answer to questions. When the deal is closed, quickly pick up or receive the product. A personal note or packaging the product nicely often provides extra positive experiences. And who doesn’t like that?

6. Online toppers
Tents, bicycles, closets, garden sets and scooters are hot products during this part of the year. All-time trending used products are furniture, baby stuff such as strollers, cribs etc, electronics, books, video games and sports equipment.

And don’t forget that by buying and selling used products you contribute to a better sustainable world.

Source: Marktplaats, let go, Mercari, Lifehack.

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj

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