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Grab your aprons, today as Eindhoven News adds flavour to your meal.No more excuses for not having time to cook when we are all at home for each meal, right?

Introducing new flavours, creating a moment to share with families or friends, discovering our cooking skills and adding new recipes to our cooking list will keep us happy.

If you are ready, wash your hands while singing Happy Birthday song twice (a great way to eradicate millions of bacteria that we have on our hands), roll up your sleeves and follow those recipes :

                                                 TODAY’S MENU

Starter :

  • A Colorful Salad

You will need Tomatoes, a Cucumber, a Paprika, a Carrot, Feta, Olive Oil, Shallot, Thyme, Parsley, Salt and Pepper.

Wash tomatoes and paprika, peel the cucumber and carrots and dice everything. Add the crumbled feta.

The next step is one of the most important ones because it’s going to add a lot of flavour to your salad. Peel the shallot and cut it in little pieces. Your eyes will burn but believe me it’s worth it. Add a drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt, pepper, thyme and parsley.

Mix everything and enjoy.

  • Italian Bruschetta with Tomatoes

You will need Bread, Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil, Olive Oil, Pepper and Salt.

First, you need to wash and finely chop the fresh basil and then peel and chop the garlic.

Second, you need to boil, peel, dice the tomatoes. Place them in a salad bowl and sprinkle with olive oil. Add the chopped garlic and the chopped basil, salt and pepper to taste, then mix everything.

The key step is to place everything for 15 minutes in your freezer; it’s going to give a better taste to your tomatoes.

Grill the slices of bread with a little bit of olive oil.

The next crucial step is to peel and cut in half a garlic then rub it against the bread. Take the tomato mixture from the freezer and spread it over the slices of toast. Add some salt and pepper again if it’s not enough for you.

And voila now you are a real Italian.

  • Smoked salmon rolls with Grapefruit :

You will need four slices of Salmon, Mascarpone,  half a Grapefruit, Arugula Salad, Pepper and Salt.

Mix the mascarpone, five tablespoons of grapefruit juice, pepper and salt.  Grab a sheet of freezer film large enough to accommodate the four slices of salmon to be placed in the form of a rectangle.

Add the mascarpone mixture on it with a little bit of arugula salad. Roll the salmon tightly and turn the ends of the film to hold everything properly. Refrigerate for an hour. Time to watch your favourite TV show!

After an hour, all you need to do is to put off the freezer film and cut it into several pieces and add a little bit of pepper. Place it to a plate with a bit of Arugula Salad.


  • Artichokes pasta :

Usually, when we hear the world artichokes in a dish, we are not very excited… Let me tell you that this recipe will change your mind!

You will need Complete Pasta, a tin of Artichoke, five to six cloves of Garlic, Olive Oil, Parmesan and Pepper.

First, wash your artichokes and mash them in a bowl. Then cut the garlic into several pieces and add it to the mixture with olive oil (garlic is the star ingredient of this meal, you need a lot of it). Mix everything until you get a green paste. Heat all of this in a pan then add the parmesan and pepper.

I will not explain how to cook the pasta because we all have our habits, but when it’s ready, add the artichokes mixture to the pasta.

The final touch is to add a little bit of parmesan on top of it so that it melts on the pasta.

  • Aubergine and Brie Cheese Bruschetta :

French melted cheese on top of garlic bread? Yummy.

You will need Whole Wheat Bread, Shallots, Garlic, Aubergine, Brie Cheese, Olive Oil, Tomato, a little bit of Salad, Feta Cheese, Pepper, Salt, Parsley and Thyme.

Chop the aubergine and cook it in a pan with a little bit of olive oil, parsley, thyme and salt until they look grilled.

In another pan, add a little bit of olive oil, garlic and shallots. After 3 minutes, add a slice of bread to turn over so that both sides are toasted and soaked in garlic, olive oil and shallots. When the bread is ready, add the aubergine and a slice of melted brie cheese.

  • Chinese Pasta with Honeyed Tofu and Crispy Broccoli :

You will need Tofu, Honey, Sesame Seeds, Soya Sauce, Broccolis, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Garlic, Onions, Parsley, Thyme, Salt and Pepper, two vegetable Broths and Chinese Pasta.

Peel the zucchini and chop both the mushrooms and the zucchini, add the chopped broccoli to a bowl. Throw it into a pan and drizzle some olive oil, garlic and onions. For the taste, add a vegetable broth, salt, pepper, thyme and parsley.

Next wring the tofu, dice and add it to a bowl. If you think tofu doesn’t have a taste, you need to add honey, soy sauce, 1/2 vegetable broth and sesame seeds. Mix everything and add it in the pan.

Cook your Chinese pasta and then add them to your pan with the rest of the recipe for at least three minutes.

A perfect meal to share with your family.


  • Banana Bread :

What is better than a good and classic recipe? The banana bread is classic yet fantastic.

You will need 2 to 3 Bananas, 1/3 cup of melted butter, one teaspoon of Baking Soda, a pinch of salt, 3/4 cup of sugar, one large egg, one teaspoon Vanilla Extract, 1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour.

Preheat your oven to 175 degrees and add to a pan a spray of nonstick cooking and a little bit of flour (to help your loaf not to stick to the pan).

In a mixing bowl, mash the banana with a fork until completely smooth and add the melted butter. Add the baking soda and salt then mix everything. Add sugar, the egg and the vanilla extract and mix everything. Then add the flour and mix everything (again).

Bake it for 50 minutes to 1 hour, before serving, let the banana bread cool completely.

Simple but effective.

  • Mousse au chocolate :

Just because Easter is over doesn’t mean we can no longer eat chocolate.

For this recipe, you will need 3 Eggs, 100 g of Pastry Chocolate and two tablespoons of Vanilla Sugar.

Separate the whites from the egg yolks. Then gently melt the chocolate in a saucepan in a double boiler. Remove from the heat and stir in the yolks and sugar.

In a second time, beat the egg whites until stiff. Gently add the whites to the mixture using a spatula. Put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours and voila!

  • Normandy Apple Pie :

What is better during the spring season than a sweet Apple Pie?

You will need shortcrust Pastry, 4 Apples, a few drops of Lemon, Vanilla Sugar, 10 g of butter and one tablespoon of Sugar.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Spread the shortcrust pastry in a previously buttered pie pan. Using a fork, prick the bottom of the shortcrust pastry. Then precook the pastry for 10 minutes.

In the meanwhile, wash the apples, peel two apples and cut them into strips. Put a few drops of lemon juice so that the apple strips do not lose colour. Make a compote with the rest and the vanilla sugar and let it cool a little bit.

Spread the compote in the pie pan. Decorate with the apple slices, arrange the butter in small cubes, sprinkle with sugar and bake for 35 to 40 minutes.

You can serve it with vanilla ice-cream.

Feel free to reproduce the recipes and tag us on Instagram! Enjoy!

For Eindhoven News: Charlotte Raflé


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