Coronavirus information from GP

At a time when the coronavirus epidemic is alarming in China and other countries, the General practitioners’ advice is very welcome.

At the end of 2019, a number of people in China were infected by a new coronavirus. This virus can cause pneumonia. There are different strains. Usually, these viruses only cause mild symptoms, such as colds. The new coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms, such as pneumonia.

At the moment there have not been any reported cases of the disease in the Netherlands. Most people affected by the disease have recently been in Wuhan.

Symptoms include fever, paired with a cold, sore throat, coughing or breathing difficulties.


How to prevent viral infections:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow
  • Use paper tissues.

Phone your GP

if all three of the following apply to you:

  • You have visited the city of Wuhan
  • You have a fever (over 38 degrees)
  • You are also experiencing 2 or more of the following symptoms: coughing, a cold, sore throat, difficulty breathing.

Please do not visit your GP or Central Medical Office (‘Huisartsenpost – HAP’) in person, as that could cause further spreading of the disease.

Read more at the site of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (in English and Chinese)

Source: http://Health for internationals

 This news item is a translation of a post by The information is not intended to replace a consultation with a GP. For personal advice, please contact your GP. Please read our disclaimer.

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  1. ”Please do not visit your GP or Central Medical Office (‘Huisartsenpost – HAP’) in person, as that could cause further spreading of the disease.”

    What do you mean by above statement? No medical support is given to the infected?

    How people will know which virus they are effected?

    Patient has to stay home and accept the disease??

    • The article clearly mentions that one is not expected to visit the GP directly as that could cause further spreading of the disease. If you read the paragraph before this statement about the protocol which is to call (phone) your GP and wait for instructions so that they can serve you without the risk of transmission of the virus. Thanks.


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