Piet, stay black, pitch black but start a joint venture

Sint and Piet

Piet if I were you, I wouldn’t want to lose my colour. It is your identity, it shows where you are coming from, it defines your culture. 

I think it is something to be very proud of. A rich and vivid history. So many people stood up for their rights, so many people didn’t take their situation and position for granted. Now is the time to show that we all are equal! Use your colour to your benefit, Piet!

You are well-known, you got a great positive reputation, all children love you, you are the presents bringer, you are the party maker, the big indispensable help of Sinterklaas. The colourful, dancing and jumping, always in a good mood chap. You understand people! And we are not even talking about your physical capacities, you are lean, strong, an acrobat, a climber and a runner!

And your way with animals, horses, in particular, you get them tranquil in a big noisy crowd. Amazing! Like a horse whisperer. But yes I see your point. Your status could be improved. Times have changed, let’s make a new history. And I think you can, so gather your confidence and discuss it with Sint. 

Here is a text you could use:

“Dear Sinterklaas, we have known each other for a while now, I have assisted you in all your weary tasks and jobs, I have seen all the razzamatazz of the whole cooperation. Year after year we travelled, we organized, we problem-solved, we strategized, we managed our S&P organization very well. Most of the time we have been on time and delivered very well. Overall, I can say our undertakings have been successful. You have treated me well, I felt respected for what I did, I always had plenty of everything, long holidays and oooh our house in Spain… beautiful! 

But now I feel I am ready to become your partner Sint. I think if we partner up we can even make things much better. We can make more children happy, we can visit more people because we can divide the load. Our boat can be stocked up with more gifts or maybe we can have more boats coming from Spain? I also want to work on a high technology streamline of presents from Spain.

I have an idea of going into 3D printing, which saves transportation costs and also uses photonics for our communication purposes. This will make our organisation more sustainable and green. We could hire older Pieten too for the lighter jobs because I am in favour of social entrepreneurship. We can divide tasks and both (or even install more Pieten to) take over managerial roles. I respect what you did Sint, and I have learned a lot from you, I am grateful for all the opportunities. I think by partnering up we can achieve more. What do you think Sint?”

Sint might say:

“I am so happy you are stepping forward Piet, I was hoping you would soon. I am seeing your qualities and talents and I would be pleased to work together with you on an equal base, we both have our skills and talents and we can see what suits both of us best.

Yes, I am getting old and we could do the research of which kid has been bad or good in a more efficient way. In the end, it all needs to go in THE BOOK, while Facebook can be of great help too. I also do prefer a flat organisation so I hope more Pieten like to do something different from what they are used to do. We can improve so many more lives if we all can work together as a team!”

This is what I would do as Piet, take the momentum of this mega-media attention to step up. And instead of wiping my face white, and lose time over what happened in the past, I would stand up and feel proud of what I have done so far. It is grand to serve, it is gallant to help, it is noble to assist, it is humble to take care of others, it is honourable to carry the book of a wise old man. Who is Sint without Pieten? What could he have accomplished without them? Who made all the children laugh? Who made sure the presents arrived on time? Who organized all these bags packed with the right presents? Do you think Sint has been reading all these wish lists himself?

pink pietPiet could maybe think of a bit of a different outfit but please let it be colourful, let it be cheerful, and do keep your good humour and your pure and candid behaviour! See yourself as equal Piet, there is where it starts, the old role is history, gone, finished! This is how we change history! No victims but winners.

“Piet, would there be new young Klazen who could join our team and do we have an equal amount of females in our team, do you know?” “Good idea partner. Our pink Piet also just informed me he joined our Scale-up!” 

For Eindhoven News: Irene Martens

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