Kids Activity: Philips van Lenneppark

We have a new rubric: Kids Activities. Here on Eindhoven News you will find regular updates on things to do in and around Eindhoven gathered and tested by Melissa and her sprouts. 

Today the Philips van Lenneppark

Philips van Lenneppark is a city park in the North of Eindhoven. There is something for everyone here. There is a really nice park with a really good mix of equipment that makes it good for any age group. The wooden pirate ship is perfect for so many imagination based adventures. There are lots of fully mature trees so plenty of shade and the playground itself has sand so bring the buckets and shovels. The standard playground equipment is also in the sand and on its own it is enough to keep kids entertained for hours. My son particularly loved the giant winding tube slide. I guarantee that the kids will have no problem staying entertained.


There is also a kinderboerderij. A kinderboerderij is like a petting zoo and you will find one in some form in most Dutch cities. They are a great place for kids to learn about animals and nature. This one is lovely. It’s called Eigen Wijs Boerderij and is open from April 1 – October 1 Thursday through Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00 and Wednesdays from 10:00 – 16:00 during the winter. When the kinderboerderij is open they have staff to show people around and answer questions and kids can even go into a special pen and pet the goats. They plan special events throughout the summer for both children and adults. I attended a special farm day with the kids. There was live music and a hay ride as well as some extra animal petting. The kids had a blast! They also have pop up yoga and adult events as well. You can follow them on FaceBook so you will know about the special events.

The grounds

The grounds are really spectacular. The park is absolutely huge. Fully mature trees are mixed with open green spaces to create alcoves that, honestly, are the size of a normal park I am used to from back home. There is a magical feeling walking path lined with lovely trees, and a more formal Victorian style garden that is filled with flowers during the summer. You really feel like you are out in the country and not in the middle of busy Eindhoven. It’s truly amazing.


Mevrouw van Lennep cafe

Philips van Lenneppark also has a small open-air cafe just next to the kinderboerderij called Mevrouw van Lennep. They are open Wednesday, and Thursday – Sunday from 11:00 – 18:00. They are also open on holidays and on Thursdays during the summer. They serve a wide variety of things from snacks like chips, poffertjes, and ice cream for the kids. They also have an organic hamburger and I was told they have vegan options. For the grownups, they have a respectable beer menu and wine (and also colas and coffee if thats what you are into). You can also find them on FaceBook to get up to date on all the latest info and events.


On our last family day in the park, admittedly this was last summer, we started at the farm day at the kinderboerderij, wandered over to the little cafe where we sat in the sun while the kids enjoyed and ice cream and the grownups enjoyed a beer. Then we walked around to the playground and finished off the afternoon. Pretty darned magical and all (except for the ice cream and beer) free. This is also pretty magical.
During my pretty rare kid free moments, I will go past the park and find a nice spot in open grass to read or play cards with friends. The trees serve as a border and I can’t even hear the kids. It is so  peaceful.

Skate park

As I was walking around taking pictures for this article a week ago or so I found a whole area that I didn’t even know existed. Next to the park and the kinderboerderij there is a skate park, basket ball court and a tennis court. I got so excited about the skate park that I immediately started sending pictures to friends. There are ramps and a half pipe and everything is in really nice order. I’m a skater, things like this excite me. I’m a little odd! Honestly the whole area was a complete surprise. I have been there so many times and had no idea.

Philips van Lenneppark is like a hidden gem in the middle of Eindhoven. Something for everyone and enough space to really spread out. There is parking on Vensedijkand and half of the park is next to residential neighbourhoods so there is plenty of on street parking as we.. They ask you not to park on the grass, I’m a little curios what happened to force them to ask that! 
The physical address is Oude Vensedijk, Eindhoven and the closest bus stop is Bredalaan, it is a very short walk from there.
I really encourage to check Philips van Lenneppark out. The kids will love it!!


Address: Oude Vensedijk Eindhoven, 5657BB, Netherlands

Here the website with more info.


About Melissa:
-“I am a mother of 2, originally from Texas but I have lived in Veldhoven for over 10 years and have no intention of ever leaving the Netherlands. I love it so much here! There are so many amazing places for families to explore and we are busy trying out them all. I’m also a bit of a gym rat, avid reader, knittaholic, and pinterest junkie. I am going to write a twice monthly feature about great places to get the family out and about in this area. Parks, play places, pools and zoos and other activities. Everything you need to have a great family day! Check out my blog at”

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