Pasar Malam meets country at WoensXL

Winkelcentrum Woensel Winkelcentrum Woensel , Eindhoven, Noord- Brabant

East meets West in Winkelcentrum Woensel. A combination of Eastern food, music and culture (Pasar Malam), with Western Country music. What to expect on Saturday 28 September: * Band Reward (country) * Rodeo Dancers (country) * Band Limitz (music) * Pentjak Silat (special marshal arts dance) * Dance group Mentari * Musicgroup Percussion * Singer […]

Genneper parks walk

Sporty for a good cause Sunday January 5, 2020 the 14th edition of the Genneper Parken Loop will start. A wonderfully sporty start to your new year! This way you can immediately usher in your good intentions with your participation in the kids run of 1.5 km, 4 km, or even 10 km where you walk through […]

The Buchrnhornen New Year’s walk

HC oranje-rood Charles Roelslaan 7a, Eindhoven, North Brabant

The Buchrnhornen Foot and Movement Center organizes the Buchrnhornen New Year's Walk on January 5. The walk takes place in the Genneper Parks. Walkers can choose from a long (8 km) or a short (4 km) walk, whereby the short walk is also suitable for wheelchair users. The walk is organized together with the organization of the Genneper […]

Wildlife Film Festival at Natlab

Natlab Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven

Various quality movies about the wildlife: in July: ELEPHANTS UP CLOSE They are the largest mammals that travel the earth: elephants – the rulers of the savannah. This film provides intimate insights into the lives of these giants and lets you get closer to them than ever before. Elephants are sensitive, helpful and gentle, but […]

Let’s look for wildlife in the Stadswandelpark!

Stadswandelpark Alberdingk Thijmlaan 3, Eindhoven, Noord- Brabant

Go for a walk through the Stadswandelpark, right in the heart of Eindhoven, where you will keep your eyes open for wild birds, squirels, insects, mushrooms and much more! Even if they are shy, you might discover some signs of their presence. Join them and be surprised with the diversity of life that co-exist with […]


Library webinar: Your Healthy Garden in 7 steps

How would it be when you could harvest from you’re garden without creating a vegetable garden? Or would you like a garden which attracts more birds, bees and butterflies? The summer holidays are over, but stil you can enjoy you’re garden and be outside. You have probably spent the last months more at home and […]

Nature in the end of Autumn

Philips de Jonghpark Philips de Jonghpark, Eindhoven, Noord- Brabant

Autumn is coming to an end and the cold season is starting. Jays and red squirrels are busy stashing away acorns for winter. Late mushrooms still sprout here and there. And small birds sing in the leafless trees. This Sunday morning Nuno from Wildo Eindhoven will make a short walk through the Philips de Jongh […]


Heempark guided walk

Heempark Genneperweg 145, Eindhoven

The beautiful Heempark 'Frater Simon Deltour' is a small nature reserve with diverse habitats and small-scale landscapes. Possibly Eindhoven's best kept natural secret! It is managed purposely for nature conservation purposes by a team of motivated volunteers and a safe haven for many species of wild animals and plants in the city. Wild Eindhoven arranged […]


Let’s Talk! Municipal Elections: Sustainability and Culture

LAB-1 Keizersgracht 19, Eindhoven, Noord-Branant

The non-profit organisation People for Planet and the Cinema LAB-1 are partnering up to tackle the topics that are close to their hearts: Sustainability and Culture. They invite you to discover what the political parties have planned and ask your questions directly to them! When? 07th of March from 20:30 to 22.30 Where? Lab-1, Keizersgracht […]

Well-being weekend program by International creative Women

Creative Town 'T College 22, Eindhoven

It's time for self-care It's time to reconnect with yourself, with nature and with people in Eindhoven. Take a moment to relax, learn, meet new people and have fun. Almost two years ago, during the first lockdown, International Creative Women had a program called the Well-being Weeks. It was a program designed to support people through online […]