Nuisance caused by deposit hunters

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Searches in waste bins for cans and bottles with deposits are increasing in Eindhoven. Bins are increasingly being found broken open and rubbish bags torn apart. The city council is diligently looking for a solution to the problem.

The municipality announced this in response to questions from the Labour Party. The party was curious to know what happened to the holders mounted on wastebaskets last year. People could put their bottles in them, with the aim that the park would not be littered with rubbish. Moreover, residents who could use the deposit could take the bottles with them.

At least that was the intention, but in practice, they were used for something else, according to the city administration. In the parks where the trial was held, cigarette packets and trays of food were mostly found in the rings. A handful of rings also disappeared between March and October last year.

Reintroduction of deposit ring

Therefore, the so-called deposit ring disappeared from the streetscape. Yet the door is once again ajar for a comeback. With the introduction of deposits on cans, the nuisance increases. Especially in busy areas such as the city centre, Kruisstraat and parks. In their quest for deposits, bins and rubbish bags are vandalised, but then the litter lying around is not cleaned up.

Therefore, the city council is sitting down with various parties in the coming period to devise a solution. The municipality is considering a mix of measures, which may include the reintroduction of the deposit ring.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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