Eindhoven institutions question the burka ban

Photo credit: Rama/Wikimedia

Several hospitals in the region and bus operator Hermes are raising their eyebrows about the ‘burka ban’ that will take effect on Thursday.

Companies in the Dutch public transport sector have made drivers responsible for deciding on this. They are free to choose whether they want to take someone with face covering clothing with them or not. The Eindhoven bus company Hermes does indicate that they are ‘not happy’ with the new law. The Dutch police have also indicated that enforcing the law ‘is not given the highest priority’.

Where is it not allowed?
The new law ‘Partial ban on face covering clothing’ prohibits wearing a burqa, a balaclava, an integral helmet or other clothing that covers the face in public buildings. Think of schools, care institutions or government buildings. A burqa is also forbidden in public transport from now on.

For hospitals, the law is somewhat outdated. Patients who need care have an identification requirement. Doctors need to know who they are operating on, otherwise they are not allowed to start an operation. Face-covering clothing already had to be taken off. Moreover, the Catharina Hospital writes on its site that it ‘sporadically’ prevents someone with facial clothing from walking in. “That can be counted on one hand in a year”, a spokesman says.

Source : www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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